4 Books to Enhance your UX

Zacharia Curtis
4 min readMar 1

There are a great amount of books and resources available on UX Design, however in my journey to advance my skill set I’ve come across many geared towards the beginner, rather than those looking to upgrade their abilities to the next level.

In this article, I’ve put together 4 books that I found particularly useful in application to my skills, helping me transform my capabilities and increase the value add of UX!

I’ve included some amazon links below to add to your wishlist, but I also recommend searching for them on Just Books Second Hand

Start with why

Whilst not geared towards the designer, Start with Why is a great book that will change how you start your design process, as well as what makes successful user experiences.

I’d recommend this book to any designer that wants to create more impact in their design decisions.

Creative Selection

Who better to take learning from than arguably the greatest innovators of experience in the 21st century than Apple?

Creative Selection will take your design process from A grade to an A+, focused on building effective demo’s and gathering useful commentary and feedback from stakeholders; an essential key to successful UX.

Articulating Design Decisions



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